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What to Expect in A Session With Naomi

Naomi works through many offerings such as on the table energy healing, private readings and healings. Naomi's mission is to provide a channel that taps into your higher self to help you discover your life past regarding career, relationship, health, love and more.

Let's first agree that life is not mapped out. There are people, places and events that alter life in ways that can put you on a very different path than the one you thought you were going to be on. You have the ability to go in any direction and that is a powerful factor. With this in mind, psychic readings are for those that wish to improve life, learn about their future and discover their own truths.
Psychic - Fortune Tellers in Bethesda, MD
Fortune Tellers - Fortune Tellers in Bethesda, MD
For example; Keep your questions focused on your current direction, where your heart is at, are you fulfilling your goals in life? Remember that discovery is a very important part of the process. Keep your expectations realistic and please set the rules up front. Naomi needs to know what you don't want to hear. Sometimes the answers are difficult to hear and can lead to argument. Set those boundaries up front and your experience will be much improved.